Put them to good use!

They’re everywhere right now, so make good use of them!


They’re a bit late this year but walking around Stanhope Gardens and Glenwood this week they’re everywhere! Don’t bin them or use the blower to move them to the neighbours, put them to work!

Fallen leaves make the ideal ingredient to organically rich mulch for the garden. Not only is it free, but it is one of the best types of mulch to use.

It’s as simple as gathering up all the leaves and putting them in a bag with a handful of blood & bone and/or worm poo. Leave this to compost a bit over winter and you’ll have some beautiful leaf mulch to dress the garden in spring.

Another way of utilising the leaf litter is to leave it on the lawn and run over it with the lawn mower. You can spread the shredded leaves straight onto the garden or add it to the compost heap to enrich the mixture. I’ve always used a mulching mower and they disappear quickly into the lawn to act as compost for the grass that’s getting ready to start growing.

Put them to good use!

Put them to good use!

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