Top 3 reasons to invest in Sydney property

Sydney has always been a hotbed of investment activity and with all the latest goings on in the city, this isn’t likely to change any time soon.

If you’ve been thinking about applying for an investment home loan, here are three reasons why you might want to take the plunge sooner rather than later.

1. It’s a safe city

Safety is a key part of everyday life. Whether you’re an investor hoping to make decent returns on your investment, or a tenant who wants to feel secure while out and about, it’s not a feature anyone can afford to overlook.

This is why Sydney should be on your list of potential locations at the moment. In recent days, The Economist’s Intelligence Unit released its Safe Cities Index for 2015, which ranked Sydney above many other global locations.

It was not only the highest ranking Australian city, but also fought off competition from the likes of Hong Kong and New York.

2. No stranger to redevelopment

Another positive point for Sydney is that it’s always moving forward, which is easily emphasised through the opening of the new South West Rail Link. The 11.4-kilometre route offers an improved service for commuters, bringing increased efficiency and more business opportunities.

3. Property prices are rising

One factor that will no doubt be on investors’ minds when they buy property is the returns they are likely to make. The January CoreLogic RP Data Home Value Index should quell any concerns, as it points to solid price growth across the Harbour City.

Values increased 1.4 per cent last month and rose 57 per cent between January 2009 and the first month of this year. This makes it the greatest growth out of all the capital cities since the global financial crisis came to an end.

This article first appeared on Tuesday, 10th February, 2015 in Investing, Real Estate Market with Smartline at

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