5 Strategies for Women to Maintain Momentum in Super While Out of the Workforce

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Don't lose momentum

There has been a huge increase in Self Managed Super Funds being set up by people in their 30’s and 40’s according to ATO statistics, with 42.7% of new trustees under the age of 45. So I am going to address an issue that until now has rarely been mentioned with SMSFs strategies, as previously they were seen as the territory of crusty old men.

Maintaining momentum with your super during times out of the workforce

There finally seems to be a push on at the moment to improve the superannuation of all women in Australia. They have been lagging behind when it comes to their superannuation due to breaks in their careers as mothers or carers or because they have chosen professions that are crucial to the economy but underpaid. Statistics repeatedly show, women will retire with a super balance that’s almost half that of men^. The problem of…

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