SMSF Coaching – Best Performing Asset Class Annually for Last 20 Years

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Do you know which asset sector performed best last year, the year before? Do you think those results will guide you for next year? Think again. I don’t think many SMSF Investors would have guessed Australian Listed Property would have been the strongest in 3 out of the last 4 years. Many burnt in the property sector in the GFC had avoided it like the plague.

Morningstar Austalia’s annual asset class ladder for 2015 is a great tool to visualise how each asset class/sector has performed over the last 20 years and pour water on ideas that we can reliably predict next years winners.

Click on picture to access larger table Click on picture to access larger table

What becomes glaringly obvious after scrutinising the table is that no single asset class consistently outperforms the others. Just in case you subscribe to the ‘last years greyhound is this years dog” or that cycles are predictable, the table…

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