2,800 Sq Ft Detached For Sale, 4 Bedrooms located at 40 Tain Street – Sydney, Canada | RE/MAX Global

Sharing Sunday.

We hear a lot in our press about prices of Real Estate in Vancouver and Toronto and the fact that they are similar to the Sydney & Melbourne Markets. We thought we’d look at it a bit differently today!

What does Real Estate in Sydney look like? Sydney. Nova Scotia. Canada that is.

What does Sydney in Nova Scotia look like in general? We share the same names is there anything else similar?

Both Sydney’s are on the east coast of their countries.

Sydney Nova Scotia is located at (46.1367899,-60.1942240)Sydney Australia is located at (-33.8688197,151.2092955) which means they’re further north than we are south. ❄️⛈💨

Sydney Nova Scotia gets an average of 283cm of snow per annum, 1242cm of rain and 1816 hours of sunshine each year. Their mean minimum and maximum temperatures are 1.4 to 10.3 degrees.

Sydney Australia gets and average of no snow, 1222cm of rain and 2635 hours of sunshine per year. Our mean minimum and maximum temperatures are 14.5 to 22.5 degrees.

Sydney Nova Scotia has a population of 22,789. Sydney New South Wales has a population of 5,029,786.

In short there’s nothing similar about us, except we both have RE/MAX Offices! Our local RE/MAX office is RE/MAX Park Place. You can find them here – @remaxcapebreton !

But what about house prices?

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